Course curriculum

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    Video Modules

    • Sectioning for your Invisi Weft

    • Applying your bead base

    • Invisible bead laying the weft Video 4

    • The Sewing Method

    • Top Row Result

    • Taking a look under the hood

    • Placement for further rows

    • Fine hair beading method

    • Tips for folding your hand-tied ends to remain flat and seamless

    • Sewing #2

    • Checking out the result of the fine hair method

    • Cut & Style, Quick demo

    • Result and Recap

  • 4


    • Invisi-Certified!

    • Copy of A4 TEMPLATE_ The Ultimate Workbook Template _ BIZSISTER.COM _ A4 (32)

Original FULL weft course

highly recommended prior to enrolling into this course


  • Can I enrol if I am not a hairdresser?

    This course has been designed for those already certified in our weft hair extension methods . We strongly advise against doing this course FIRST as the original weft course will teach you the ins and outs for weft applications and also include your full kit . Once confident , you can then move onto the invisi bead method.

  • Can I contact someone to enquire further?

    Yes our team are available Mon-Fri via email and phone . or 1300 768 082 during our opening hours.

  • Does this course include a kit?

    This course does NOT include a kit as you will already have your tools for application from our first course , if you do need more tools you can find everything you need on our website

  • Can I purchase hair from you?

    Yes we are Australia's leading supplier of wholesale human hair and tools . Our products are ONLY of the highest salon grade as we work primarily with those within the industry. Please jump onto our website to set up your trade account if you have not already . You can apply if you have an industry ABN within Australian and also if you have completed our online course.